Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh


I’m a herbalist, a Death Doula, and a Shamanic Practitioner. My practise has been my vocation since childhood, and I have been blessed with varied (as in from different walks & cultures), yet the ‘right’ teachers for me in this life thus far.

The foundations of my practise are based on the lore and teachings of the Inkan lineage of energy medicine. However, I weave into my practise everything that I have learnt, and continue to learn. As a result, my practise constitutes a colourful weaving of traditional & worldly medicine, upon which I can rely on.

The core of the medicine that I offer, is shadow work. I facilitate those who come and see me in understanding their own inner worlds, and how they can use conduits to integrate shadow aspects into their conscious Self. I’m also an animist, and so in my practise, I convey traditional mannerisms of being and doing, that help people cultivate and nourish relations with the ‘unseen’ and natural world, and everything in it. I basically support modernised people, in re-introducing traditional habits in their everyday life, so that we can all, sisters and brothers, connect deeper with our world, the collective, and the human life experience.

I run my private practice from Brightland’s Retreat in Leura, in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia. From here, I also hold retreats, Sound Healing, Despacho, Cacao Ceremony, Fire Ceremony & the Munay Ki Rites.

How I see it is that my vocation is very sacred work. I treat this ‘body of work’, this medicine, with utmost respect, dedication and reverence, and this has not come about without personal sacrifices. It is my legacy to myself, my life experience, to the world that I live in, to deliver as much authenticity and integrity as I am capable, to my practise as a shamanic practitioner, and all other skills that come in under this beautiful umbrella.

  • Modern languages: English
  • Original languages: Swedish
  • In my community I am known as: Ceremonialist, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shaman, Shamanic Practitioner, death doula
  • The origin of my shamanic practice is: Andean, Norse
  • Additional healing modalities: Flower Essence Therapy, Herbalist, Meditation, Naturopath, Nutrition / Diet, Reiki, Sound Healing, Space Clearing, death literacy
  • My areas of strength / passion include: Ancestral Issues, Anxiety, Burnout / Bore-out, Covid19 Related, Death and Dying, Depression, Emotional Regulation / Anger, Family Conflict / Separation / Divorce, Fear, Grief / Loss, Life Purpose / Finding Your Call, Life Transitions, Relationship / Co-dependency, Self Esteem, Spiritual Possession, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma / PTSD, Women’s Issues / Menopause
  • I work with people who have: Beginner experience with shamanic healing, Intermediate experience with shamanic healing, Advanced experience with shamanic healing
  • My client focus is: Adults, Children, Elders 65+, Groups, Individuals, Teens
  • Years in practice: Over 20 years
  • Fee per session: $ 160
  • Website:
  • I offer sessions: In person, Phone, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram
  • I accept payment via: Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfer
  • Accepting new clients
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